After leaving Sacred Heart College in Johannesburg in 1992 I studied teaching at JCE, now Wits. I worked in England for 5 years before returning to Johannesburg in 2006. After two years in recruitment I moved back into teaching and am now at Dainfern College in Johannesburg. After completing an Honours in Educational Management I became inspired by the opportunities that technology offers schools, in terms of communication with parents and students, the ability to inspire students, the simplicity of EdTech and how students interact with it and, most importantly, the endless horizons that EdTech offers every child and teacher.

As Director of Technology at Dainfern, I have had the opportunity to run a BYOD programme over the past four years. I am a firm believer in the opportunities that technology provides teachers in terms of personal development and classroom opportunities.

As a Google Education Trainer I am always looking for ways to use Google Apps and Apple Products in the classroom. I teach ICT, Design and Technology and Economic and Management Sciences at Dainfern College and use Google Apps extensively in these lessons. Dainfern College also uses GAFE to manage all email, calendar and facilities for the school.

As an Apple Education Trainer I profess to be a 'Fanboy' of the Apple hardware and it's unique ability to inspire and impress both students and teachers. The seamless integration across multiple platforms that Apple has developed allows every person to access and use a wide variety of platforms, including Apples iLife and iWork suites, which add a robust and inspiring digital creation platform to any technology programme.

I love to play with new ideas for using tech in teaching and I am constantly looking for better ways to engage students in the learning process, while still making them effective digital and global citizens.

Recently I have been trying to develop a paperless classroom model that works in the South African context of high internet costs and low bandwidth, as well as power constraints.

I am married to Monique and have two daughters, Riley and Regan.