Apple In Education

As one of four Apple in Education Trainers based in Johannesburg I would like to give you an overview of what Apple Trainers offer.

"Through hands-on workshops, Apple Education Trainers will show you how to integrate Apple products into your curriculum and overall student environment for a richer learning,and teaching, experience. Workshops are run for a maximum of 20 participants and are 6 hours long. This time can be split over two sessions. 

Apple understands the needs of today’s learners and teachers—and the appropriate role of Apple technology. Our Professional Development offerings help educators infuse Apple technology into their instructional practices and curricula in a way that makes the technology transparent and the learning adventurous and delightful. We offer high-quality, hands-on workshops and resources, designed by Apple and delivered only by Apple Education Trainers. 

Taught by educators for educators All Apple Education Trainers are current or former educators, which gives them a personal understanding of learning and teaching with technology. Because they know what’s important in the curriculum, they can ensure that you learn about your Apple products and how they can best serve you and your students." (Apple in Education Website)

Workshops fall under the following categories: 

Leadership: These offerings assist education leaders in visioning and planning for transforming learning and teaching with technology. 
Foundations: Focused on technology skills, these foundational workshops help teachers become confident and comfortable integrating Apple products into their teaching strategies. 
Curriculum: These workshops focus on curricula, content design, and instruction with Apple products. 

Workshops include:

Leadership: Education Strategic Planning  and Vision and Plan (iOS)
Foundations: iOS Devices, iOS Creativity, iOS Productivity, iPad for Learning , iLife Products, iWork Products, iBooks Author, iTunes U Courses
Curriculum: Workflow for Teaching and Learning, Language Development and Literacy, Language Arts  , Mathematics , Science, Social Studies, Reaching All Learners 

Other topics can be customised for your school. If more than 20 participants are available I will partner up with another of the Apple Education Trainers in order to meet your needs.